Saturday, 4 May 2013

Where have I been!? New blog?

Well well well, where have I been?!

As you can probally tell, I havent blogged for a long time...
To be honest, I just forgot about my blog really, and was just really busy
with doing my GCSES. 

But i'm back baby! Haha.

I decided i'm going to be creating a new blog to start
from fresh. The new blog will be a lot of my own photography.
If you didnt know, I love photography! But yes, i'm going to be
showing you guys my photos! Since I love makeup too, im also going
to be doing some hauls! These will just be recent products that i've brought etc.

So....I will be creating the blog once I have created the banner, background etc, just so it looks nice and new! I'm not quite sure on the name yet (maybe leave some suggestions in the comments!?) but once I have created it, I will be making a blog post on here for you guys to see it!

So, if you lovely people would comment down below if you would
follow my new blog, that would be FAB!

Thanks ma' lovelies, and I shall see you all soon!
Don't forget to comment and follow!

-Lucy xxx