Monday, 18 June 2012

7 Things for 12 Days :: June


This blog is going to be the 
'7 Things for 7 Days' challenge, created by Sprinkleofglitter (Louise). But I am going to try and complete these tasks by the end of June!

I have decided to do this as I think it will be fun, and a great activity for people to get involved and interactive!

I don't plan to achieve all of these activity's in 7 days, as I have school etc. So by the end of June, I hope I would of completed it. So here are my 
'7 Things for 7 Days' activities!:)

Cook: I don't really cook, so i would love to get into cooking. I plan to bake something. I have a few ideas in my head such as; rainbow cupcakes and pinata cookies.

Create: I love being creative. Since my mum is pregnant (due Wednesday! Ahh!) I want to get creative and think of some crafty things that I could make for the baby girl. Of course Pinterest would come in handy! (How I love Pinterest.)

Photography: I love photography. I plan to use my camera a bit more and take some pretty pictures, and get creative!

Bargains: I used to always go to car-boots, and sometimes even do one myself! I really enjoy going to them. So in this month, Im going to go to one and hopefully find some bargains!

Complete: I have a crafty activity that im a quarter of the way through. I would like to complete it asap. {Im looking for a wicker egg type basket! Let me know if you know where to get them from in the UK};)

Blogger: Since Ive been lacking a bit on blogging, I would like to blog on a regular basis. I also would like my blog to be a little bit more popular, so I can chat to more people.

Save: I would love to save up for a nice new professional camera. If I only save up a little that's fine, as long as I have saved up something!

So that's it!:)
If YOU would like to join in, then read Louise (Sprinkleofglitter's) post!

Thanks for reading ma' lovelies!


  1. Good luck with your 7 things! I think I'm going to do one of these posts as well & sort my life out! haha xx

    1. Thankyou so much!:) You should, there quite fun!:)xx

  2. Goodluck with your 7 things :) I do Tuesday newbie for my new followers if your interested in meeting new bloggers?????? I hope you manage to save for your camera-I love my camera :)

    Tanesha x