Monday, 21 May 2012

Scarlett Hearts Jewellery

Hiya everyone!

Today I'm going to do a blog about; Scarlett Hearts Homemade jewellery.
I came across this cute little shop by reading Sprinkleofglitters blog post about Scarlett Hearts. (Oh how I love her!)

I had a look on their little shop and came across the Golden Snitch necklace (from harry potter). As I am a lover of Harry Potter, I had to get it! It looked so cool, and unique! I left a little message on the Scarlett Hearts facebook page, and Charlotte, was so kind and lovely, and as soon as the Golden Snitch was back in stock, I ordered it! The delivery was very quick and came in 2-4 days.

Mr postman arrived! I opened the parcel, and saw the Golden Snitch! I love it! It was beautifully packed. 
I also get sent a free "I <3 SH" badge, which I thought was cute. 

The Golden Snitch necklace opens up, so you can hide secrets and photos inside!
But what I would improve about the Golden Snitch, if it was bigger. It looked quite big in the pictures, but I would of preferred it            to be a little bigger. But overall I love it!:-)

If you are a creative person, take a look at Scarlett Hearts. 
You will love their jewlellery!:-)

Hope you enjoyed this blog post!
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-Lucy xx

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  1. This is such a cute necklace, and they have some other lovely pieces on the site :)

    Tanesha x