Tuesday, 1 May 2012

NCT Nearly New Sales! - LucyMay

Hello everyone!:)

After seeing Sprinkleofglitter's video about Nct Nearly new sales, I thought it might be a good idea to go with my mum and her boyfriend. Since my mum is pregnant with a little baby girl (blog about it coming soon), I thought it was a good idea.

If you don't know what Nct Nearly New Sales is, its a charity for national children trust.
They do a number of events. Here is their website if you are interested. http://www.nct.org.uk/

We decided to go to the Nearly New Sales, which is a bit like a car-boot, but in a hall and posher! 

So we arrived! It was tipping it down with rain, (typical English weather!) We walked up to the door and found out  members get allowed in 15 minutes early but we didn't know that (So they get the bargains!) So non-members had to go in at 10:30. To be a member you have to pay £40 a year. 

We were surprised with how much stuff there was. From prams, to hundred of toys, to clothes. 

As we went around looking at all the stuff, we did get a few things! Here they are:

Naturally Better Peter Rabbit pull along
We got a bargain on this one! It was originally £18.50 
  but we got it for £3 we love it!

We got this for £12.50, It was originally £34.93 from Tescos! 
Wooden puzzle
 (Yes its for boys but puzzels are fun!)
This was originally from Toys'R'us for £9.99 but
we brought it for £3.00
Baby Grows 3 pack
These are from George (Asda) for £5.00
But we got them brand new for £2.00
New pink baby spoons
Not sure were from but found on Amazon for £3.29
Fairy Play Mat
We got this for £10, it is from Mother Care.
We may not use it though, as we have a different and better one now. So this
may be going to a charity shop. 
So as you can see we got a lot of bargins!

Overall we had a fun time! If you was going I would recommend not to go with little children as it can get busy! You get a little 'Goodie Bag' with lots of leaflets and Ariel soap sample (Haha) xo

Bye everyone!
Speak to you soon!
-Lucy xoxox

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