Saturday, 5 May 2012

How to: Make a Polymer Clay cupcake!

Since I am a very creative person, and love doing art,crafts and D.I.Y I have decided to
make a tutorial on how to make a polymer clay cupcake.
As this is my first blog tutorial, it may not be the best.
    How to make a polymer clay cupcake:

Start of with 3 polymer clay colors of your choice,
Im using Purple (glitter), pink, and light blue, and
a scrap bit of clay.

Stat making a cupcake base shape. You do this by pushing in
the top of the clay, and shaping the edges by pushing them in.
Turn it over and it should look like a cupcake base.
It should look like this, turned over.
Roll out the pink clay, to look like a very long sausage shape.
Add the scrap piece of clay, onto the base. Mold it into a
dome shape, you will not see the scrap piece!

Stat adding the pink clay. This will count as icing, so keep wrapping 
it around the dome scrap clay.
It now should look like this!
Finish it of with a cherry;) Mine is blue!
Tadaa! You have finished your creation!
Other cupcakes I made!

Well I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Let me know if you liked
it as I could do more. Comment any D.I.Y ideas, because I would
love to do a blog on them. Thanks for reading, and ill speak
to you all later!


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